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Purity Air

Saltus Training has been a great help for the success and development of Purity Air,  the Accounting and Business Administration Course, allowed us to have a better knowledge on how to manage and grow our business.

Tasty Paella

We want to thank Veronica Sauto and her company Saltus Training Group because they encouraged and supported us  and  to realize the dream of starting our own business by helping us to sort our ideas and make a business plan which was the main basis for starting with our project. 

 We are very happy to have taken the decision to work with Veronica and her team because thanks to them we are running a great Spanish catering company.

Professional Duct


Saltus Training Group guided Professional Duct Installers step by step throughout all the processes and necessary requirements to start up and run my business successfully. I can proudly say that the experience gained with Saltus Training was excellent, and I believe that training with Saltus is something really necessary.


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